Fish Tank is a playable pilot in game. It available since Shooty Skies gets released to the stores. Players could get it from the claw machine or buy it for $0.99.

The fish is also a pet, a dreamer, and a cryptobiologist.

Appearance Edit

Fish Tank has an orange fish with yellow fins, fish lips, and tail. The fish is sitting on a grey war tank.

Fish Tank flies a normal plane, fully colored green (except for the propeller part), a skull and 2 rocket launchers on each wings.

Ability Edit

Fish Tank can shoot enemies with bullets or cannonballs.

Trivia Edit

  • Fish Tank is one of the pilots that have been released since the first time Shooty Skies gets released to the stores.
  • The name "Fish Tank" is (probably) refers the tank instead of the fish riding on it. The actual name for the fish is still unknown.

Gallery Edit

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